Indy’s Love Local Challenge #3

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Who run the world?  GIRLS! In this week’s Love Local Challenge we’re featuring Chef Oya’s The TRAP, Ladies Under Construction, and Sip Share Wines.  All these awesome Indianapolis organizations promote community and are women-owned.  If you’re not familiar with our bi-weekly Love Local Challenge, see our previous installments here.  Put your purchasing power to good use and keep it local, let’s get started! 

love local chef oya holding a carry out dish of food

Chef Oya’s The TRAP 

If you love seafood, The TRAP is a must-taste to believe.  Founded by Chef Oya Woodruff in 2016, The TRAP is an acronym for Toward Restoring food Access to the People and was created to make great seafood accessible to everyone. The TRAP started out as a food delivery service and grew into a walk-up storefront located at 3355 North Keystone Avenue around the 34th street intersection.  Indy is going crazy for Oya’s creations, and Chef is a strong proponent of other local, black-owned businesses in Indianapolis. 

While the seafood oits own is delicious, Oya’s signature OG Garlic Herb TRAP Buttah sauce takes you on a journey, kicked up with a dusting of Young Bae signature seasoning by Indy’s own FoodLoveTog  that will sling you into an out of body experience.  And the OG is just the beginning. Oya has masterfully crafted other Buttahs that include Yaad Jerk, Sweet Thai Chili, Island Curry and Vegan Citrus Chive. Prepare for your jaw to drop when you open that loaded white box filled with an assortment ranging from crab legs and shrimp to salmon and lobster tail, as well as other seasonal offerings like crawfish when it is available.  The TRAP offers a vegetarian box, so nobody is left out. Loaded boxes come with potatoes, corn, broccoli and a boiled egg slathered in your choice of ButtahPrepare to fall in love! 

love local image of lobster roll and chowder

The TRAP is open for takeout only on Wednesday-Saturday from 11am to 3pm, so you had better get in line early to get your grub on, because the line is LONG, and you’ll soon find out why.  If your schedule can’t work to make it there in time, you can order Trap @ Home on Oya’s website and pick it up on Sunday between noon and 2pm, and don’t forget to add a couple bottles of Buttah and a jug of Londo’s Flameade while you’re there This is one Love Local spot that will have you coming back for more!


love local adult volunteer standing with four young girls

Ladies Under Construction 

Next, we are going to spotlight Ladies Under Construction, a 501 (c)3 supporting young Indianapolis women as they grow from ages eight to eighteen.  Formed in 2009 by Aleanya G. Moore and LaToya M. Kendall, Ladies Under Construction was created to provide a safe place for girls to receive mentoring, get involved in their communities, and work on their literacy.  Through group mentoring, workshops, and conferences on subjects surrounding the female experience, Ladies Under Construction fosters the self-esteem of blossoming young women and provides vital character building and peer interaction that follows these young ladies throughout their lives.  

Ladies Under Construction is currently looking for their own permanent location so they can provide a safe space for young girls.  They’re always looking for volunteers  to be mentors, workshop facilitators, and speakers at their workshops and conferences.  If you are interested in providing financial support, please reach out to Angenita Williams, director of Funds Development at funds@ladiesunderconstruction.org or call 317-721-4LUC. If you have a unique experience you can share or are moved to support their cause, you just may be able to help this amazing group of women empower and nurture the next generation of women leaders.   


love local man and woman behind wine sampling table

Sip & Share Wines 

Do you want to get dip your toes into the wine world, but don’t know where to start?  The welcome of Vintner Nicole Kearney’s Sip & Share Artisanal Wines can help.  Nicole’s journey into the wine world is rooted in friendship, serendipity, overcoming adversity, and creating a community through wine.  Nicoles passion grew Sip & Share from a hobby into a thriving business, and she is creating a legacy that we’re excited to support 

In 2016, Nicole opened her winery and performed tastings locally As a black female winemaker, Nicole cleared a path in a white-dominated space and became a licensed federal winery in 2018.  Her business is growing exponentially and her team now tables at festivals and events all over the nation.  We’re excited to follow Sip & Share as it continues to grow.   

Sip & Share was named the 2020 Small Business of the year by Key Bank and the Indiana Pacers. Due to the pandemic delaying her pop-up shop in town, she started offering tastings of the wines virtuallyNicole’s intentional wine series the 7 Words, carry totems of Intention, Abundance, and Manifest and welcome you to step out of your wine comfort zone and savor wine as an experience. At her tastings, Nicole teaches folks about the different profiles and varieties, but most importantly, you learn how learn to enjoy wine inclusively, and without judgement. All of Nicole’s wines are vegan and current offerings can be ordered on the Sip & Share website , or you can join the wine club and sample her creations all year long. 

We hope you enjoyed this third installment of our Love Local series.  What is your favorite woman-owned business in Indianapolis?  We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below for upcoming features! 

Have a gneiss day!  

Peak Stone Team

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