Indy’s Love Local Challenge #1

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Supporting Indy’s Best Small Businesses!

Now that the pandemic is being better managed, doors are starting to open again, and life is returning to some semblance of normal. You’re probably looking for things to do in Indianapolis and we’re here to help. Indiana is full of local gems you cannot find anywhere else in the country.  Considering the impact the pandemic is having on our economy right now, we prefer to keep our dollars circulating in town whenever we can. Countertops aside, Peak Stone Company is a family-owned business and our team loves to support other small businesses like us.  This isn’t just because we understand firsthand how vital small businesses are to the local economy and job market, it is because we love great things too!   

Love Local Challenge

That’s why we’re challenging you to keep it local, IndianapolisWe are creating a Love Local Challenge post series to highlight our favorite places and organizations around Circle City that deserve some neighborly love.  In each challenge post we are going to highlight a local dining establishment, other small businesses or non-profit charities worth your attention. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep your purchasing power here in town and make a difference in the lives of the people around your neighborhood!   

In the first Love Local Challenge, we’re going to feature Shallos Antique Restaurant and Brewhouse, the Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County, and All In Painting. 

inside of bar at Shallo's Antique Restaurant

Shallo’s Antique Restaurant & Brewhouse

If atmosphere, amazing food, and a great beer are high on your post-quarantine priority listShallo’s is the perfect combination of the three. A south Indy staple for several decades is tucked in at 8811 Hardegan Street and offers over forty beers on tap and three hundredyes, three hundred varieties of micro brewed, imported, and bottled beer. Beyond the classics, they rotate their offerings throughout the year to keep things interesting and fresh.  Their beer menu is so massive, you could try a different beer every day at Shallo’s and it would take you over a year to get through them all! 

An All Around Dining Experience

Beyond the call of great beer, don’t let the strip mall it’s located in fool you—this establishment is exceptional.  When you walk through the doors you’re transported back in time with their unique, antique décor.  It will take multiple visits to be able to take it all in, and we’re confident if you haven’t visited before, you will be back.  We’re reminded of a retro speakeasy when we visit, which we feel is very appropriate since the Twenties 2.0 has roared back around.  

You will understand why Shallo’s is one of Indy’s best kept secrets once you sample some of their made-from-scratch menu.  We are wild about several of their dishes, including their tenderloin (it’s HUGE), homemade potato chips and dip and Swamp Chicken nachos. But their wings (Voted Indy’s Best) are really where it’s at!  You don’t have to go into a drummies vs. flats debate when you dine here, you get two pounds of the whole wing when you order at Shallo’s.   

Please call 317-882-7997 for carryout or to get their hours of operation as dining phases back in. During the pandemic, Shallo’s understands some folks have lost their jobs or are just having a rough time and they’re offering a free bowl of soup to anyone in need.   


Inter Church Food Pantry volunteers working

Interchurch Food Pantry of

Johnson County 

Since we’re talking about helping folks in need, we want to highlight an amazing 501(c)3 who have been helping their neighbors feed their families since 1983.  The Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County  at 211 Commerce Drive in Franklin serves an average of 600 Johnson County families per weekfor free!  It exists on the donations and financial support of local churches, businesses, foundations, service organizations, and folks like you.  

With so many people losing their jobs since the pandemic started, people are struggling to feed their families and are reaching out for assistance.  The Pantry’s daily demand has risen to serving a week’s worth of groceries to up to 160 families per day.  They need extra help to keep up with the demand, and Greenwood Christian Church  stepped up the effort in April by holding a drive-thru food drive at 2045 Averitt Road every Saturday from 9 am until noon.  Their goal was to receive 1 ton in food donations last month. The drive was so successful they exceeded their goal and took in almost 3200 pounds of food for The Pantry! 

Since April was so successful in providing relief, the drive-thru to donate at GCC was extended to continue accepting donations every Saturday in May. The goal is to provide another ton of food for The Pantry. 

Lend a Helping Hand

The Pantry is also clearly in need of volunteers during the pandemic to keep their operation running smoothly. A lot of their senior volunteers can’t come in to help. If you’re healthy and looking for a way to give back to your community, The Pantry needs folks help.  Jobs may include unloading  trucks, stocking the shelves, and helping families navigate through their shopping experience.   

There is no term required to sign up as a volunteer, you can help once or give back every day.  The only requirement is a helping heart and a willingness to work.  They’re always looking for folks who can drive a 24-foot box truck (you do not have to have a CDL license) to pick up donations and bring them back for sorting. They’re always in need of strong folks who can lift boxes and unload the truck.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please send an email to pantryjcmanager@gmail.com for details. 

The Pantry accepts food and hygiene items but asks you avoid donating items in glass jars.  They have a shopping list of pantry staples  they are always providing.  They ask whenever possible, to please choose one item and purchase it in bulk.  This helps with sorting and to assist their volunteers in making the most of their time. If you prefer to make a monetary donation to help pay their utilities or buy gas, donations can be sent via Paypal  or by mail to:
Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County 
P.O. Box 147 
Whiteland, IN 46184 

The Pantry is serving anyone in need during the pandemic, regardless of your home address.  They are open during the pandemic Monday through Friday from noon until 3 pm and are utilizing a pre-boxed drive thru process.  Please click here to review their modified process if you need some extra help. 

All IN Painting work van

All-IN Painting 

If you have been stuck in your house throughout the stay-at-home order, chances are that the increased time at home has you thinking about switching some things up.  Maybe you’re thinking about a new wall color, painting your house, or even shaking things up with your kitchen cabinets.  Before you climb up on a ladder, remember you can leave intense jobs to the pros! Whether your project is inside, outside, or commercial, All-IN Painting is another family-owned Indianapolis painting company and they have you covered! 

All-IN started in 2016 and they are growing every year. You may have noticed their rad mobile workshops driving all over town. We met them at their booth at the Indianapolis Home Show.  We were thrilled to discover another local company who shares a lot of the same values as Peak Stone Company. Quality work, integrity, service, and supporting the personal growth of their team are all integral to All-IN Painting’s mission.  All-IN is also involved in the community and support the Greenwood Education Foundation (another organization dear to PSC’s heart). 

All-IN’s customers rave about them in online reviews. They’re a company you will want to check out if you have any interior or exterior surface that needs some pizzazz.  Please visit their website  to see the many services they provide.  They’re open from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and you can call 317-517-7208 to schedule a free one-hour consultation or request an estimate. Tell them Peak Stone sent you!   

Love Local Challenge- The Best of Indy! 

And there we have it!  Post #1 of the Love Local Challenge is in the books.  We would love to hear what you think about this series. Feel free to drop us a line about some of YOUR favorite local spots or organizations that bring you joy in the comments below.  We may even feature them in an upcoming post!   

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